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Preliminary Exercises
  Carrying a Mat
  Unrolling/Rolling a Mat
  Carrying a Chair
  Sit and Stand from a Chair
  Carrying a Table
  Carrying a Tray
  Carrying a Jug
  Geometric Cabinet Tray
  Carrying a Sharp object
  Opening a Door
  Removing a Book
  Opening a Book
  Turning pages of a Book
  Opening Bottles
  Opening Boxes
  Folding Cloths
  Spooning Grains
  Pouring Grains
Care of the Person
  Washing Hands
  Dressing Frame
    Hook and Eye
   Safety Pins
  Polishing Shoes
  Preparing a Snack
Care of The Environment
  Washing a Chalkboard
  Dusting a Table
  Washing a Table
  Polishing Wood
  Polishing Glass
  Arranging Flowers
  Washing Cloths
  Setting a Table
  Wet Mopping
  Dust Mopping
  Outdoor Sweeping
Grace and Courtesy
  Greeting a Person
  Thank You
  Excuse Me
  Introduction of One's Self
  Offering Help
  Expressing Admiration
Control of Movement
  Walking on the Line
  Silence Game

Use of "Excuse Me"





Ask an older child to help you show the younger children how we use the words “excuse me”.  Let the child know briefly how you plan on showing the lesson. Invite 3-4 children to come participate in your lesson by telling them you have something to show them. Show each child where exactly to sit. Have the older child sit down as well. Once the children are seated, you sit so that you can see them all, they all can see you, and yet you are not in front of them.


  1. Tell the children that when you need to go someplace and someone is in your way, we say: “excuse me”.
  2. Tell them that you are all going to practice saying excuse me.
  3. Have the older child go and stand near a wall close to the group.


  1. Stand up and begin walking toward the older child.
  2. When you get him, say “Excuse me,  (child’s name).
  3. The older child should then move over to the side to let you pass between him and the wall.
  4. Walk by and then come back. If the older child is again in the way, say “Excuse me,  (child’s name).
  5. Sit down in the group and have the older child join you.
  6. Invite one child at a time to walk to a specific spot in the room and back, having to go through an obstacle and having to use “excuse me”.
  7. Repeat until every child has had the chance to practice saying “excuse me”.


Tell the children that this is how we use “excuse me”. Tell the children that they can now say “excuse me” to each other when someone is in their way.

Excuse them one at a time, making sure each child has thought of what he would like to de next.


Direct: Teaching the children grace and courtesy in the classroom.
Indirect:  To have the children use “excuse me” with others.

Points of Interests
Getting by the obstacle successfully by using the words “excuse me”.

2 1/2 – 3 1/2











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