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Sandpaper Globe


A small world globe with the land areas covered with sandpaper and the water surfaces painted blue.



Invite the child to come and work with you. Bring him over to the globes and point to the sandpaper globe. Give the child the name of the material. Show the child how to carry the globe by using two hands around the wooden base of the globe. Have the child carry the sandpaper globe to the table and have him place it in the center of the table. Then have the child sit to your left.

- Tell the child, “This is what our world would look like from outer space.”
- Feel one of the rough parts (one of the continents).
- Have the child feel it.
- As he is feeling it, tell him, “This is land.”
- Have the child feel another spot (or another continent).
- Tell him, “This is also land.”
- Feel one of the smooth surfaces (one of the oceans).
- Have the child feel.
- Tell the child as he is feeling, “This is water.”
- Turn the globe and have him feel another smooth surface.
- Tell the child, “This is also water.”
- Feel another rough spot and again tell the child, “This is land.”
- Feel another smooth spot and again tell the child, “This is water.”
- Do a Three-Period lesson for “land” and “water”.


Land and Water


To help the child develop a concept of the shape of the earth.
Visualization of the distribution of land and water over the earth.

Preparation for the painted globe.

Control of Error


3 1/2 – 4 years

Remember to have the child sensitize his fingertips before this lesson.

This Montessori Video shows how to present a child with the sandpaper globe.

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