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Sensitizing Fingertips

This activity should be done before any exercise with the Touch Boards


Invite the child by telling him that before we can work with the touch tablets, we must sensitize our fingertips.


- Bring the child over to the shelf and show him the correct tray.
- Have the child bring the tray over to the table and have him place it in the middle of the table.
- Name all of the materials on the tray.
- Then, go fetch warm water in the jug and bring it over to the table.
- Both you and the child sit at the table.
- Place the towel to the right of the bowl.
- Pour the warm water into the bowl.
- Put your right fingertips (writing hand) gently into the water.
- Let them soak for a little while.
- Place your fingertips onto the towel.
- Stimulate them by drying them with the towel.
- Empty the bowl and replace the tray back onto the shelf.

Invite the child to stimulate his fingertips before each tactile exercise





















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