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Logical Adverb Game


- A container marked with the adverb symbol and containing the adverb symbol and second container having two sets of cards. Orange cards on which are printed adverbs and red cards on which are printed verbs. Each verb must have at least one adverb that makes sense with it. E.g. smile happily, wink shyly, etc.

Presentation: Same as logical adjective game

  1. Have the child read each of the read cards in turn, placing each in a column with ample space between each column.
  2. Then have the child read each of the orange cards in turn, placing each to the right of a red card.
  3. Have the child read each combination, seeing if it makes sense. If it does, leave the cards where they are. If it doesn’t make sense, take the orange cards and place them in a pile away from the columns of cards.
  4. Take the pile of adverbs and for the first verb that was mismatched, read through all of the adverb cards until you find a match that makes sense.
  5. Repeat for all single verb cards until all cards are matched.
  6. Read through all of the cards again to check that they all make sense.
    Place the correct symbols for the verb and adverb above each column of cards.


The child can work alone with the cards.



To help the child to see the logical agreement between verb an dadverb.

Control of Error

The directress


5 years onwards























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