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Three Period Lesson
Oral Language
  Oral language exercises
  Enrichment of Vocabulary
  Language Training
Written Language
  Written language exercises
  Graphic Symbols and their Key Sounds
  Sound Games
  Sandpaper Letters
  Moveable Alphabet
  Metal Insets
  Sorting Symbols
  Writing on Paper
  Upper and lower case letters
  Capial letters, Periods, Commas and Questions Marks
  Creative Writing
  Phonetic Object Box
  Phonogram Object Box
  Activity Words
  Puzzle Words 1
  Little Booklets
  Reading Folders
  Phonogram Dictionnary
  Puzzle Words 2
  Reading Classification
Total Reading
  Function of Words
  The Article
  The Adjective
  Logical Adjective Game
  Detective Adjective Game
  The Conjunction
  The Preposition
  The Verb
  The Adverb
  Logical Adverb Game
  Aspects of the Verb
  Continuation of Commands
Reading Analysis
  Simple Sentence Stage 1
  Simple Sentence Stage 2
  Word Study
Language Summary
  Writing and Reading
Cultural Work
  Music and Dance
  Biological Science
  Physical Science

Graphic Symbols and Key sounds

a             as in             am
b             as in             bin
c             as in             cat
d             as in             dig
e             as in             egg
f             as in             face
g             as in             goose
h             as in             hut
i             as in             ink
j             as in             jam
k             as in             kiss
l             as in             lap
m             as in             mat
n             as in             nose
o             as in             on
p             as in             pat
r             as in             run
s             as in             sit
t             as in             tummy
u             as in             up
v             as in             van
w             as in             win
x             as in             box
y             as in             yet
z             as in             zip


qu             as in             quit
ai             as in             aim
ee             as in             see
ie             as in             pie
oa             as in             oat
ue             as in             blue
ou             as in             out
oy             as in             toy
er             as in             her
ar             as in             car
or             as in             for
au             as in             haul
th             as in             bath
sh             as in             shop
ch             as in             chin

oo             as in             hook


















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