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Word Problems


- Cards with word problems written on them:
The red cards are for addition.
The green cards are for subtraction.
The yellow cards are for multiplication.
The blue cards are for division.
- The white set of cards have written on them word problems from all four groups.

600 people got on a train at the station. At the first stop 365 people got on. At the next stop 412 people boarded the train. How many people were on the train at the end of the trip?

A farmer had 956 sheep. He sheared 428 of them. How many more does he need to shear?

A fisherman caught 7 baskets of fish. There were 325 pounds of fish in each basket. How many pounds of fish were all together?

325 children went on a school trip to the farm. There were five cars to take them there. How many children traveled in each coach?

For Jenny’s birthday party, her mommy ordered 20 red balloons, 16 yellow balloons, and 23 green balloons. How many balloons did Jenny have at her party.

Molly had saved €963 in the bank, Susan had saved €605 in the post office. How much more money had Molly than Susan?

John bought 10 packets of bubblegum for his holidays. There were 7 sticks of bubblegum in each packet. How many sticks of bubblegum were there altogether?

It takes 7 apples to make an apple pie. How many pies can be made from 147 apples?


  1. This is to be begun with children how have been introduced to the Golden Beads and who are fully able to read.
  2. Introduce one set of cards at a time, beginning with addition. The child can then use the materials he knows to find the answer.
  3. As the child is ready, you can introduce each of the operations in turn.
  4. When the child is able to work with the coded cards well, introduce the white cards.


To connect the arithmetic problems to real life and illustrate practical problems.

Control of Error
The child’s own knowledge of the process of arithmetic.

5 years onwards

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